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Due to the current epidemiological situation in the country, the obligatory "student internship" (requirement of the study program) should be approached in a creative way. In the current reality (virus pandemic), students make decisions about the place of internship on their own, without the need to consult the dean's representative for student internships.

Therefore, one should aim at:

a)      in the first place, to be held in establishments, workshops, family businesses, etc., in accordance with the assumptions contained in the regulations of "Student Internship", which can be found on the website of our Faculty.

 However, if it is not possible in justified cases, then:

 b)      it can be done in consultation with the thesis supervisor in the faculty laboratories, under the supervision of the supervisor, implementing the research program on the thesis,

 c)      as a last resort, when extraordinary and justified difficulties arise with its implementation, an individual organizational project of a potential company that you would like to establish yourself should be developed. In this project, its organizational structure should be developed and analyzed in a wide range (administration department, managerial and production departments, conditions of the environment in which it will operate, business profile, strengths and weaknesses, etc..

 The developed project will be the basis for admission to the oral examination passing the "Student internship".

 In the remaining variants (a, b) of the internship, documentation should be prepared in accordance with the requirements contained in the "REGULATIONS OF INTERNSHIP" and delivered to the Dean's plenipotentiary for internships, prof. UR  Krzysztof Mudryk

 Students of engineering (1st cycle) and master's (2nd cycle) studies complete internships according to the study schedule.

 Students of engineering studies undertake apprenticeship in the summer period after the sixth semester of studies, and during the semester they participate in practical classes within major subjects. The holiday internship of not less than 4 weeks is carried out in farms and agricultural and agri-food enterprises, as well as service units and agribusiness institutions.

 During apprenticeships carried out in production companies, students learn the rules of operation and operate machines, devices and technological lines. They make technical assessments and carry out inspections and repairs of technical means. They get acquainted with production processes, their planning and implementation control as well as familiarize themselves with the systems supporting the management of production and fixed assets. On the other hand, in enterprises and service units as well as agribusiness institutions, students learn about the scope of activities of a company or institution and take an active part in planning and implementing service projects.

 Students can also do internships in foreign enterprises and leading domestic enterprises.

 Master's students complete their diploma internship for up to 4 weeks after the first semester of studies. The aim of this practice is to conduct research, the results of which will be used to write a thesis.

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