The Division of Mechanisation and Energy Technologies in Agriculture was formed at the Faculty of Agriculture of the Agricultural University of Krakow in 1972. Five years later, in 1977 it changed into an independent faculty with two institutes: the Institute of Mechanisation and Energy Technologies in Agriculture and the Institute of Machine Repair and Organisation of Servicing. Until 1993 it was the Faculty of Technology and Energy Technologies in Agriculture, in 2005 renamed as the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and finally in 2008 it became the Faculty of Production and Power Engineering.


Strategic goals of the Faculty

The Faculty's strategic development goals relate to the University's development strategy. The mission of the Faculty is Science and Education of Students and Students, Education and Subsequent Scientific Processes as well as Science and Development Railways, In Respect for Science and Science, Service Certification and the transfer of knowledge and technology to the economy, animal health, and Solution for health and environmental protection natural.

The Faculty of Production and Power Engineering conducts training and research in the field of technology and energy in the production and machining process. Logistics and transport also correspond to these applications. In the conditions of globalization and extremely rapid development of production, processing, transport and information technologies, the basic directions of the Faculty's development are focused on:

1.      implementation and development of technologies conventionally referred to as Industry 4.0 and Agriculture 4.0,

2.      optimization of engineering production, processing and transport processes that guarantee the sustainable use of natural resources

Each of these strategic directions of development includes the use of information technology (IT), elements of robotics and automation as well as unconventional energy sources. These fields of study correspond to the main currents of university studies and research in the European Union countries.

For years we have been maintaining - and we intend to continue - close scientific contacts with the countries of the European Union as well as with other countries in the world. We will also enable, as before, international studies of foreigners in Poland and our students abroad.

Regular checks on the implementation of strategic tasks carried out on a regular basis at the Faculty allow for the modification of the teaching and research offer. This allows you to carry out studies for years on 4-ch interesting directions, and graduates to develop successful professional career. The results of scientific research are implemented into the national economy in numerous enterprises cooperating with the Faculty.


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